Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oktoberfest Beer Munchies

As much as it is about the beer and the rides, the Oktoberfest is also about the food to suppress the beer munchies you get from guzzling all that lager. There are as many food stands selling duck, chicken, fish, pretzels, nuts prepared in various different ways as they are places serving beer. You have a plethora of choices for food when you get hungry after all that beer and rides.

One of my favourites was the Steckerfisch, which quite literally translates to fish on stick. It's a whole fish usually river trout or mackerel. It's a Bavarian favourite where they impale a fish and proceed to slowly BBQ the fish over hot coals; it served with a slice of lemon and some herbed tasty!!! Next time you have a BBQ make sure you try impaling your fish and cook it in a similar manner.

When you visit the Wiesn you will most likely have the much touted Oktoberfest roast chicken. Upon eating roast chicken anywhere in world with your new Bavarian travel buddies (you will meet plenty), he/she will definitely tell you "that roast chicken is no where near as good as the one from the Oktoberfest". After tasting the roast chicken in Munich, I have to admit it is pretty damn good here.

Another traditional Oktoberfest munchies are these devilishly delicious potato fritters, served with what else but apple compote. You can never go wrong with battered deep fried potato served with wafer and apples. I was definitely left wanting more....When you are at the Oktoberfest you have to sample some of the roasted pig you see here spinning on the spit, it's as Bavarian as they come..


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