Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hats off to Adam on Masterchef

Not sure if it was rigged, but last night on Masterchef was one of the most touching moments I have seen on reality TV. Adam demonstrated an enormous amount of courage and selflessness and comfort us in the fact that we all can believe in this beautiful thing called the human spirit and believing in the greater good of others. After such a gruelling challenge and arduous journey, it was so admirable to see Adam give up his place
when his fellow contestants were trying to convince the judges why they should stay.

If you guys missed it, Adam decided to give up his place on Masterchef after hearing about how much it meant to the other 3 contestants to stay on...they had been through just been through a tough elimination cook off having to cook 4 Greek/Cypriot dishes created by Mary Calombaris. He felt that it didn't mean as much to him as the other contestants and realised what a fantastic life he had running a scuba diving company. In doing so, he gave Danielle a life line as she would have been eliminated had it been decided by the judges.

Hats off to Adam.

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