Sunday, January 15, 2012

63°C Eggs - how to dress up a humble egg

On my recent to Sydney I had the pleasure of travelling out to the suburbs of Sydney to cook with Niccooks. It was fabulous to see her set up of humidifier and sous vide equipment. While shopping and deciding on what to cook, I saw the opportunity to play around with sous vide and take full advantage of the equipment I had at my disposal. We decided to make 3 courses using sous vide techniques; one of which was 63°C eggs inspired by Bentley's and Nic. Nic suggested we serve our slow cooked eggs with asparagus but I had an idea that was a little more left field, corn with bacon, capers and crispy was a little breakfast mixed with lunch.

I know the combination sounds weird but it exceeded both Nic's and my expectations. The egg was a velvety texture, both yolk and white and the saltiness of the anchovy, capers and bacon brought out the sweetness of the home grown free range eggs, corn and onion. So here's how you can re-create our velvety, visually stunning egg.

You will need around 90 minutes and the following ingredients:
1 egg per serving (we cooked 4)

Warm corn salsa

What you will need

  • 1/4 red onion, finely diced
  • a rash of finely diced bacon/lardon
  • 1 teaspoon of capers
  • 1 large cob with the kennels shaved off
  • 5 or 6 smashed up crispy asian anchovies
  • 1/4 wedge of lime
This recipe is really simple.

1. Using a cooking thermometer bring a saucepan with enough water to sufficiently cover 4 eggs to 63°C. Carefully place the eggs in the water, lowering each in with a spoon. Cook the eggs for 90 minutes making sure you maintain the temperature at 63°C and serve straight away.

2. While the eggs are cooking, start your bacon/lardon on a small cold pan and slowly bring up to heat. This will ensure that the fat is rendered, the bacon will be crispy and plenty of that bacon fat will be available to infuse flavour into your corn.

3. Once your bacon is rendered and begins to crisp up add a dash of olive oil/butter and sweat your diced onions at a low heat (we don't want to brown the onions). Introduce your corn once your onions start to cook and throw in your capers. Fry up your salsa until the corn changes from a light yellow colour to a deep yellow; this is a clear indication that your corn is cooked...Taste to check. Finish with a squeeze of lime and mix through well.

4. For assembly, place the salsa mix on the bottom. Carefully break open your delicate egg by opening the top half (the half without the yolk) and pour the egg out. It should stay intact if cooked correctly. Smash the anchovies roughly in a pestle and mortar and place on top in a line (as pictures). Finish off a good helping of salt and pepper directly on the egg.

et Voila!


Nic said...

Edit: It takes an hour and a half...

Otherwise great post :)

Keen Poon said...

Whoops thanks for the correction Nic :)

bianca kline said...

Can't wait to try!

Gabe said...

Looks super tasty mate. Will try for sure.

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