Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cooking the perfect steak - 600 grams of succulent rib-eye (prime rib)

The ageless debate of cooking the perfect steak...I'll give you my opinion but the results will speak for themselves.

Over the weekend I was with a good friend and a fellow Masterchef contestant checking out the meat drying rooms that have recently been installed at the Prahran market. Prahran market is now home to not one but two meat drying aging rooms; Gary's Quality Meats and Hagen's Organic Meats (where I bought my lovely piece of dry-aged organic rib eye).

The most important part about cooking a perfect steak is to bring the meat up to room temperature. You want to leave the meat hanging out on the bench for around an hour; this will bring the internal temperature of the meat up to about the same as the external part.

From there you want to salt generously all round, cover the whole piece of meat in salt, and pepper if you a fan (as illustrated above). The salt will help with the caramelisation process by drawing the moisture out to make the fat nice and crispy, drizzle a touch of oil to help lubricate the meat and you are ready to grill...mmmmmmm crispy fat!

Once you have seasoned your meat, a 600 gram monster rib eye (a mini roast in effect) will require 4 minutes of grilling on each side, 2 minutes each way if you have a nice griddle to create gorgeous looking cross hatches. After you flame grill your steak, you want to throw it into the oven for 8 minutes (the same amount of time on the grill).The result will be a perfectly cooked medium rare steak, you can go a few minutes less for rare and a few minutes more for well done. 

Remember to rest your steak for the roughly the same amount of time as you cooked it. I know its very tempting to cook your delectable piece of perfectly cooked steak straight away but its worth the wait. I rested my mine for about 15 minutes. 

On this particular occasion, I served my steak with baby beets those throw honey and truffle butter with a hint of cinnamon.

Et voila, c'est pret (and there it is, ready!)

Let me know how you go.


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